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ABFA's Origins 

This zine spawned from an online art community I started it in January 2020 to make new connections during the pandemic .We would chat, draw together, create art challenges, events, and promote each others' work. As it's an online community, people have joined from all over the globe (New Zealand, Netherlands, Panama, US, UK, to give a couple examples).


  Amidst the stress of 2020, this community became a necessary breath of fresh air. Realizing this community's impact is actually what inspired the zine’s prompt.  

             - Anoushka :)

Untitled_Artwork 86.png
Meet the Head Team

Hi! I’m Anoushka — co-editor in chief of this magazine. Since childhood I’ve tried (and loved) many forms of art, whether it’s singing, playing instruments, acting, dance, or visual art. It was an absolute honor to work on this project with such amazing artists.

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micah about me page.jpg

Hello! My name is Micah and I’m co-editor in chief with Anoushka on A Breath of Fresh Air Zine! I’ve been an artist for about 6 years and have always wanted to create a zine with other fellow creatives. This was overall an amazing experience and I’m extremely honored to be a part of it. Follow me on Instagram @mitcah for any future projects!

I’m Star, and I worked as ABFA’s head of graphic design. Organizing each page into a real, cohesive zine turned out to be way more than just a fun summer project, and I’m so glad to have worked with everyone involved. I love my cats, my guitar, and Survivor: Cagayan. Find me on Instagram and TikTok @stark0pf to check out my artwork or just say hi!

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austin about us image.jpg

Hi! I’m Austin, I was an artist and animation head for this zine, and I do a lot of animation and cartoon type stuff. I love making things come to life with animation and art and just making the people who view what I make a little happier.

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